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This is something from the LEGO Movie franchise.

"I'm Batman." ― Batman

Bruce Wayne/Batman is a character from the Lego Movie (Originally from DC comics) and a Master Builder.                                                     


Batman was teleported to Vorton by X-PO along with his friends and he met other heroes. He was teleported into Foundation Prime, with serveral other heroes, to face Lord Vortech. They fallied and were cornered by villains. They were saved by X-PO, when he opened a portal, which brought them back to Vorton.

Weapons and Abilities

*Batrang - Batman commonly uses Batrangs. These weapons are basicaly boomerangs in the shape of Batman's simbol.

*Grapple Gun - Also a common weapon. Batman mainly uses Grapple Guns to catch enemies.

*Martial Arts - Batman is extremely skilled in martial arts.

*Stealth - To catch foes, Batman mainly uses stealth abilities.


  • He, other DC characters, Star Wars characters and Gandalf are the only characters in the Lego Crossover, who do not originate from original Lego themes.
  • In the first Lego Movie, he has a printed belt. However, in the Lego Batman Movie and the Lego Movie 2 he has a separate belt piece. He also had a printed belt on previous figures, relased before 2014. The same belt piece is used on the Hunted Skylor minifigure from Ninjago (I really wish Lego would use it on Stormtroopers and maybe even Darth Vader).


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