Chimadino is the founder of this wiki. He is a Lego fan (Mostly the reason this wiki exists), but likes other stuff as well, such as Star Wars.                                                                                              

About Chimadino

  • He is a big fan of Ninjago and Star Wars. He also likes Chima (don't be mad at him, ok?). He also seems to like the Hidden Side theme. He currently studies said theme to learn more about it.
  • His favorite character from Ninjago is Clancee (He also likes Sensei Wu, General Kozu and Nadakhan).
  • His favorite character from Star Wars is Obi-Wan Kenobi (He also likes General Grievous and Darth Vader).
  • His favorite character from Legends of Chima is Cragger (He also likes Sir Fangar).
  • His favorite character from Lego Dimensions is Lord Vortech.
  • He says, that non-Lego characters will have cameos in The Lego Crossover from the second season.
  • Star Wars was the first franchise he ever got into, as he watched the Star Wars movies when he was five years old, and it is the reason he got into Lego in the first place.


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