Cragger (Voiced by David Attar) is a member of the Hero Alliance and is a former villain turned protaganotist in Legends of Chima.


Cragger was teleported to Vorton, along with his friends, where he met the Ninja from Ninjago, the Nexo Knights, the Master Builders from The Lego Movie and the Toa from Bionicle. He was soon teleported to Foundation Prime to stop Lord Vortech, along with serveral other heroes. He was soon cornered by the villains. Cragger brefly fought Pythor but was eventualy defeated. He was saved when X-PO opened a portal back to Vorton.


  • Cragger's voice actor, David Attar also voices another hero of Chima, Rogon.
  • Cragger, along with Laval made a cameo in Ninjago Season 5: Posession.
  • Cragger is the second major Lego character to be corrupted. The first is Tahu Nuva, the third is Nya, the fourth is Kai, the fifth is Lloyd Garmadon.


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