Elemental Masters are individuals who posess Elemental Powers.                                            

Notable Elemental Masters


  • Kai (Master of Fire)
  • Nya (Master of Water)
  • Jay (Master of Lightning)
  • Cole (Master of Earth)
  • Zane (Master of Ice)
  • Lloyd (Master of Energy)
  • Skylor (Master of Amber)
  • Karlof (Master of Metal)
  • Griffin Turner (Master of Speed)
  • Paleman (Master of Light)
  • Tox (Master of Poison)
  • Ash (Master of Smoke)
  • Shade (Master of Shadow)
  • Neuro (Master of Mind)
  • Morro (Master of Wind)
  • Clouse (Master of Dark Magic)
  • Acronix and Krux (Masters of Time)


  • Serveral opposites can be found among Elemental Masters. For example:
    • Kai and Nya/Zane (Masters of Fire and Water/Ice)
    • Paleman and Shade (Masters of Light and Shadow)

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