Laval is the prince of the Lion Tribe and the son of King Lagravis and Cragger's best friend.


Laval was teleported from Chima to Vorton and after introducing himself to the others he was sent by X-PO to Foundation Prime to confort Lord Vortech. However they were cornered by members of the Villain Army.


  • Laval is the only main protaganotist of the Lego original series to not to be corrupted by his enemies (Lloyd Garmadon was posessed by Morro and Clay Moornington was corrupted by Monstrox). This is most likely due to the fact that Chima is for younger audiences than Ninjago or Nexo Knights.
    • However, if Chima would have continued for more years, it might have taken on a darker tone like Ninjago. This could have included Laval getting corrupted. 
    • It's worth nothing that Cragger was corrupted instead. 
  • Along with Lloyd Garmadon and Clay Moornington, Laval is part of the "tirnity", consisting of main protaganotists. 


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