Lloyd Garmadon is the son of Lord Garmadon and the Green Ninja.


Lloyd was teleported along with the rest of the Ninja to Voprton by X-PO to stop Lord Vortech and the Villain Army. They teleported to Foundation Prime and conforted Lord Vortech but Lloyd was hit in the head by Pythor. They tried to escape but were cornered by the villains. Suddently, X-PO managed to open a portal for them and they returned back to Vorton.

Lego: Avengers Endgame (Canon?)

In Chimadino's Lego version of Avengers: Endgame, half of the Lego universe died due to Lord Vortech's snap. Lloyd was among the survivors. He, Clutch Powers, Laval, Clay Moornington, Takuanuva and Emmet travel to Foundation Prime, where they find out that Vortech destroyed the Foundation Elements after the snap. Five years later, they are reunited by Johnny Thunder and Dr. Rodhney Rathbone who have also lost all their friends in the snap. They create a time machine and go back in time. They manage to get the Foundation Elements and reverse the snap. However a past Lord Vortech had followed them into the future. With help from the resurrected heroes, they defeat the past Vortech and Clutch Powers snaps to kill him, but dies at the progess. Lloyd is present at his funeral.

The Lego Crossover Videogame

Lloyd id an unlockable character in The Lego Crossover Videogame. His weapons are a pair of golden katanas.


Energy: Lloyd can fire blasts of Energy at enemies and can create Energy sheilds to protect himself aganist attacks.

Illumination: Lloyd can light up dsrk places, using Energy.

Laser Deflection: Lloyd can deflect lasers with his katanas.

Transformation: Lloyd can turn into the Golden Ninja. However, he can't become the Golden Ninja, if he is played along with The Overlord.

Golden Power: As the Golden Ninja, Lloyd can use Golden Power. The powers are the same as Energy.


  • His Oni side is growing stronger, since the Battle at Foundation Prime.


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