Growing up as a humble moisture farmer on the desert world of Tatooine, young Luke Skywalker (Voiced by Eric Bauza) had no idea of the incredible destiny that the galaxy had in store for him. He soon became famous as a talented starfighter pilot, a hero of the Rebel Alliance, and a new hope for the all-but-extinct Jedi Knights.


The Lego Crossover

Luke was teleported to Vorton after the first battle with Lord Vortech as reinforcements.

Galaxy of Darkness

Luke was present when the Oni attacked the Star Wars galaxy. He piloted his X-Wing Fighter and saw his friends being pertified to statues in their own fighters. He went through a portal by hyperspace, followed by the Millenium Falcon. They went to Ninjago and warned the Ninja, Wu and their allies about the threat. They were told of the Oni's history.


  • He managed to escape from the Oni, due to his Force abilities.


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