Makuta Teridax or just simply Terdiax (Voiced by Lee Tockar) is the overeaching antagonist of the Bionicle franchise and a leading member of the Villain Army.                                                            


Teridax was teleported to Foundation Prime, with other main villains by Lord Vortech and they formed the Villain Army. Teridax fought in a battle erupted when some heroes arrived. The villains managed to defeat and corner the heroes but before they could finish them off, however, X-PO opened a portal back to vorton, saving the heroes, much to Teridax and his fellow villains' dismay. Teridax was present when Mallock the Malgin come through a portal to help them.


  • He is mostly referred as Makuta in the Bionlcle series, but in sets, social and promotional media he is referred to as Teridax.
    • He is very rarely referred to by his full name.
  • Excluding background characters, Teridax is one of the three characters voiced by Lee Tockar. The others being Darth Maul from Star Wars and Cyrus Borg from Ninjago.


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