Nadakhan (Voiced by Scott McNeill) is the last Djinn. He will be the secondary antagonist in Season 6: Illuminati.                                                                                             


Early Life

Nadakhan was born to Khanjikhan and Selmakhan over 200 years ago. When he was about 30 years old, he began to form a crew of pirates. However, he needed a ship. So he went to an island where a mechanic called Monk was making ships. He was aruging with a monkey over his stuff, so Nadakhan formed them into one being called Monkey Wretch. He finished Misfortune's Keep and Nadakhan used it as his personal ship. He eventually met another pirate captain, named Flintlocke, whose ship was destroyed in an accident. Nadakhan teleported him to Misfortune's Keep and Flintlocke become his first mate and did many jobs for Nadakhan, such as requiting Clancee, a serpentine, to the crew. Nadakhan met Doubloon, a theif, who was about to steal gold from them, but Nadakhan made him a two-faced, mute, samurai-like pirate. Nadakhan also requited Dogshank, a girl, after transforming her into a brute, hulking monster. Nadakhan met Delara, who he maried and she also become a member of Nadakhan's crew. Nadakhan's crew battled another pirate crew, lead by Captain Soto. The Sky Pirates lost, with Nadakhan being trapped in the Teapot of Thyrann and the pirates were banished to other realms. After Soto's ship, the Destiny's Bounty srunk, someone found the Teapot and hide it to Stiix.

In the Lego Crossover Series

Nadakhan joined Lord Vortech's Villain Army, along with his Sky Pirates. He conforted the heroes when they arrived in Foundation Prime. Nadakhan and the other villains tried to destroy them, but they fallied when X-PO opened a portal back to Vorton.


  • Nadakhan plans to resurrect the other Djinn.
  • Nadakhan and the Sky Pirates are set to appear in Ninjago vs Star Wars: Galaxy of Darkness.


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