"You dare to come to MY Empire? You shall embrace the full power of the Dark Side!" Emperor Palpatine to Omega

                                                                Galaxy of Darkness is a movie relised in April 2019. It focuses on the Oni attacking the Star Wars Galaxy.                                                                 


The Oni are semmingly defeated, but they were banished to the Star Wars Galaxy! The Jedi are unable to beat them and the main characters escape to Ninjago.


Acidicus - Paul Dobson

Admiral Ackbar - Trevor Devall

Bail Organa - Andrew Francis

C-3PO - Anthony Daniels

Clancee - Ian James Corlett

Clouse - Scott McNeill

Cole - Kyrby Morrow


Cyrus Borg - Lee Tockar

Dareth - Alan Marriott

Darth Maul - Lee Tockar

Darth Vader - Matt Sloan

Dogshank - Nicole Oliver

Doubloon - Vincent Tong

Faith - Kathleen Barr

Fangtom - Makenzie Grey

Flintlocke - Paul Dobson

Garmadon - Mark Oliver

General Veers - Colin Murdrock

Han Solo - Michael Daingfield

Harumi - Britt McKilipp

Jay - Michael Adamtwhite

Kai - Vincent Tong

Karlof - Scott McNeill

Killow - Garry Chalk

Lando Calrissian - Billy Dee Williams

Leia Organa - Heather Doerksen 

Lloyd - Samuel Vincent

Luke Skywalker - Eric Bauza

Misako - Kathleen Barr

Morro - Andrew Francis

Mr. E - Brent Miller

Nya - Kelly Metzger

Pixal - Jennifer Hayward

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Michael Donovan

Omega - Zach LeBlanc

Pythor - Michael Dobson

Qui-Gon Jinn - Tom Kane

R2-D2 - No voice actor

Ronin - Brian Dobson

Sheev Palpatine - Trevor Devall

Skales - Ian James Corlett

Skalidor - Brian Dobson

Soto - Alan Marriott

Stormtrooper - Matt Sloan

The Overlord - Scott McNeill

Ultra Violet - Maggie Blue O-Hara

Vinny - Vincent Tong

Watto - Brian Drummond

Wu - Paul Dobson

Yang - Michael Donovan

Yoda - Tom Kane

Zane - Brent Miller

More characters will be added soon


  • The Omega is revaled to be equal to Yoda, Mace Windu and Count Dooku.
  • Serveral rebels, imperials and galaxy inhabitans have been victims of the Oni's attack.
  • Most planets were completely consumed by the Oni.


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Focus Characters

  • Lloyd Garmadon and Luke Skywalker serve as the main protaganotist for each realm.
  • Sensei Wu, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi take the roles of the mentors, altough Obi-Wan only appears as a force ghost.
  • The Serpentine and the Sky Pirates also appear as allies
  • Rebel Alliance members make cameos in the movie.


  • The Omega and Sheev Palpatine serve as the main antagonists of the movie.
  • The Oni and the Galactic Empire serve as the villanious faction of the movie.
  • General Grievous is mentioned but does not actually appear in the movie.


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