Garmadon is a Ninjago minifigure first released in 2011. He is a major antagonist in earlier episodes of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu in his role as Elemental Master of Destruction. He is Sensei Wu's brother, Misako's husband, the father of Lloyd Garmadon, the First Spinjitzu Master's son, The Overlord's nephew and descendant and Firstbourne and The Omega's grandson and descendant. However, Garmadon is eventually redeemed and joins Wu and temporarily joins the Ninja as a second Sensei before sacrificing himself to defeat the Anacondrai.

Lord Garmadon is the main villain of 2017's The LEGO Ninjago Movie, which takes place in a different continuity from the TV series. Garmadon is voiced by Justin Theroux. The movie emphasizes Garmadon's distant relationship with his teenage-hero son Lloyd.


Early Life

Many years ago, Garmadon lived at the Monastery with his brother, Wu, as they were the sons of The First Spinjitzu Master and were left in charge of protecting The Four Golden Weapons. The brothers were the best of friends and were an unstoppable, dominant fighting force against evil, including fighting the four-armed Samukai and banishing him down to the Underworld.

However, one day when the two brothers were practicing with their katanas, Garmadon managed to disarm Wu and accidentally flung his brother's sword over the monastery walls. Garmadon and Wu both knew that their father would be upset about this, Garmadon opted for them to go over and retrieve it, but Wu refused to do it, prompting Garmadon to chide him for it, "Never put off for tomorrow, what could be done today," before hopping over to retrieve his brother's sword. Before he could pick it up, he was bitten by a strange green snake and passed out.

Garmadon was ill for a time, tended to by his father and brother. Unbeknownst to anyone, Garmadon had been bitten by the Great Devourer, infecting his very being with pure evil. As a result, Garmadon became increasingly violent and selfish, blaming Wu for his change. However, it took many years for the devourer's venom to fully consume him and he sought a more questionable teacher and studied under Master Chen. Garmadon and Clouse, another student, became rivals and fought to be Chen's right hand man, to which Garmadon won by cheating. Under Chen's guidance, Garmadon won the heart of Misako by stealing a letter that Wu wrote and claimed it as his own. However, when Chen proposed they side with the serpentine, Garmadon refused and left Chen, deciding to fight alongside Wu instead. They managed to defeat the serpentine and banished the generals to the cursed realm, while Clouse and Chen were exiled to a secluded island.

Misako and Garmadon eventually married and had a son, Lloyd. As the Devourer's venom continued to corrupt him, Garmadon began to grow distant from his family - nonetheless, he remained deeply fond of them and secretly hoped that Lloyd wouldn't follow the path of evil he was slowly being drawn towards.

After The First Spinjitzu Master passed away, Wu and Garmadon swore to protect the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. Around this time, Garmadon finally succumbed to the Devourer's poison, attempting to claim the Golden Weapons for himself. After a climactic battle with his brother, he was struck by lightning and banished to the Underworld, where he was confronted by Samukai, King of the Underworld and the Skulkin Fire General. Determined to escape his new prison and claim the Golden Weapons, the newly-minted Lord Garmadon defeated Samukai in a duel, allowing him to take control of the Underworld and the Skulkin Army.

Escape from the Underworld

After many years of teaching the skeletons about Spinjitzu, Lord Garmadon sent them to steal the map leading to the Golden Weapons from Kai and Nya's blacksmith shop, Four Weapons. The Skulkin claimed the map and captured Nya, who Garmadon decided would be a useful asset.

He sent the Skulkin to the Caves of Despair to retrieve the first of the Golden Weapons, but they failed. Garmadon changed tactics and ordered Samukai to pursue Cole, Jay, Zane, and Kai on their search for the weapons, but to hold back just enough to let the Ninja claim them.

Once the Ninja secured three of the four weapons, Garmadon tricked Kai into going into the Fire Temple by using a false image of Nya to lure him. He then forced Kai to use the Sword of Fire to free Nya, before summoning Shadows to take the powerful Sword. Sensei Wu arrived just in time to save Kai, but he was not able to stop Garmadon from awakening the Fire Dragon to stop them from leaving. In desperation, the Sensei used the Sword of Fire to cut off a platform of rock and fall into the Underworld. Garmadon then ordered Samukai, who had already stolen the Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightning, and the Shurikens of Ice, to return to the Underworld and retrieve the Sword of Fire.

Garmadon remained inside his fortress until Sensei Wu snuck in and confronted his evil brother in the throne room. Garmadon sent a horde of Skulkin to retrieve the Sword of Fire, but Wu easily defeated them with Spinjitzu. Unperturbed by this, Garmadon sat on his throne and forced his brother to battle Samukai, who wielded the other three Golden Weapons. The Skulkin general was victorious and took the Sword of Fire.

However, Samukai refused Garmadon's order to give the weapons to him, planning to use the weapons to reclaim control of the Underworld. At this, Garmadon laughed, revealing that Samukai's betrayal was the final step in his plan. As the Skulkin General of Fire disintegrated and transformed into a portal, Lord Garmadon explained that not even he could wield the power of all four Golden Weapons at once - instead, he had intended to create a portal to a dimension where he could become strong enough to do so. With that, Lord Garmadon entered the portal, vowing to return one day and claim the Golden Weapons so that he could remake Ninjago in his own image.

The Serpentine

The portal took him to a dimension as corrupt and evil as himself where he used dark magic to create an extra set of arms for himself so that he could use all four Golden Weapons at once. He was eventually sought out by Wu, though upon arrival in the dark dimension, Garmadon dueled his brother with new weapons and a group of Mud Monsters, but halted his attack when Wu managed to warn him that Lloyd was in the hands of the Serpentine. Forming an alliance with his brother in order to save his son, Garmadon led Wu across the wastelands in search of a way to return to Ninjago.

As they climbed the Mountain of Madness, Garmadon and Wu were beset by Craglings. The brothers used Spinjitzu to fend off the rock beasts, and continued their journey. Eventually, they found a portal that sent them back to Ninjago.

Once Sensei Wu returned to the Destiny's Bounty, he explained the situation; Lord Garmadon would be staying with them until Lloyd was recused from the Serpentine. Although the Ninja were skeptical of his cause, they agreed, and promptly discovered that their old foe had picked up several odd habits, such as brushing his teeth with a dagger, "sunbathing" in the middle of a raging storm, and eating nothing but Condensed Evil. During his stay, Garmadon was forced to deal with the suspicions of Kai, who was the most distrustful of his motives. The two ended up fighting after Kai spotted Garmadon holding the Golden Weapons. Kai eventually triumphed - however, to his disappointment, Garmadon allowed himself to be defeated as he was only gathering the Weapons at Wu's request. Despite the other Ninja's disapproval, Kai remained highly suspicious of Garmadon.

Lord Garmadon accompanied the Ninja to the Fire Temple, in order to both retrieve a Fangblade and save Lloyd from the Serpentine. There, Lord Garmadon defeated several Serpentine and saved Lloyd, but the temple ended up collapsing due to the volcano's instability, causing Lloyd to lose his footing and become separated from the group. Despite his protests, Garmadon was forced to leave with the other Ninja before the volcano could erupt. Fortunately, Kai managed to save Lloyd by unlocking his True Potential. Back on the Destiny's Bounty, Garmadon was reunited with his son at last, and genuinely thanked Kai for saving Lloyd. He later learned that Lloyd was the Green Ninja. Lord Garmadon's pride in his son's great potential was deflated somewhat when everyone realized that this meant Lloyd was destined to meet his own father in a battle for the fate of Ninjago.

Lord Garmadon stayed aboard the Destiny's Bounty while the Ninja were searching for the final Fangblade. When Lloyd suggested that they instead focus on retrieving the other three, Lord Garmadon pointed out that they had no idea where the Serpentine were hiding. This led Nya to realize that the snakes were hiding underground, and the two Garmadons remained aboard the ship while the Ninja investigated the Serpentine's main base located in the Constrictai Tomb.

Unable to resist such an opportunity, Garmadon attempted to hack into the Destiny's Bounty computer systems to gain information on the Ninja. When Lloyd discovered him and accused him of betraying the Ninja's trust, Garmadon admitted that he couldn't help it, having evil literally running through his blood. He also took the opportunity to tell Lloyd that Sensei Wu had a great destiny set for him, and that Lloyd could still make whatever choices he wanted for his life. When Nya reported that they were captured by the Serpentine and being held hostage, Lord Garmadon attempted to help, but Lloyd refused to allow him, demanding for his father to leave instead.

However, Lord Garmadon returned in short order, breaking into the Slither Pit with the Skulkin Army in tow - thanks to Lloyd, he had realized that he did have a choice: the choice to fight the Serpentine and ensure that he would be the one taking over Ninjago. While the skeletons fought the snakes and Lloyd freed the Ninja, Lord Garmadon personally engaged Pythor in combat, although the Anacondrai quickly broke off the battle to make his escape. After retrieving the Fangblades from Pythor, Lord Garmadon and the Ninja escaped back to the Destiny's Bounty. With the Fangblades in the Ninja's possession, Garmadon decided to depart, believing that he was no longer needed. Before he left, he assured Lloyd that he was very proud of his son's destiny, even if it meant that they were destined to battle each other for the fate of the world.

Unfortunately for Lord Garmadon, Pythor snuck aboard the ship and reclaimed the Fangblades, allowing him to return to The Lost City of Ouroboros and awaken the Great Devourer. As Lord Garmadon was visiting Ninjago City's tea shop, looking to return to his dark dimension, a news report showing the Ninja struggling to contain the Devourer came on the nearby television. He immediately hurried to the battlefield, arriving just after the Great Devourer defeated the Ultra Dragon, and told the Ninja that the only way to defeat the Devourer was to use all four Golden Weapons at once - which only he could do.

Despite their suspicions, the Ninja relinquished their weapons to Garmadon, informing him about the weak spot on the Devourer's head. Lord Garmadon asked the Ninja to prevent the beast from moving so he could get a clear shot at its weakness, before running off with an evil laugh. He proceeded to observe the Ninja's battle against the Great Devourer from atop a skyscraper - when the serpent was immobilized, he dealt the finishing blow, proclaiming it was out of revenge for turning him evil. He disappeared in the aftermath of the Devourer's destruction, taking the Golden Weapons with him.

The Mega-Weapon

After sneaking out of Ninjago City, Garmadon found the remaining Serpentine and won them over by demonstrating his newfound powers, recreating the destroyed Destiny's Bounty as the Black Bounty. Offering the new ship to the Serpentine, Lord Garmadon gained the allegiance of the snakes - apart from Skales and the other Generals - and led them aboard the Black Bounty.

Lord Garmadon directed the Black Bounty to the Golden Peaks, the birthplace of the Golden Weapons, where Garmadon could uncover the secrets pertaining to the power of the Golden Weapons. He also informed the Serpentine of the prophecy of the Green Ninja, explaining that he must prevent Lloyd from reaching his true potential. Chokun suggested killing Lloyd, only to be sent to the brig under Garmadon's orders who subsequently forbidding the Serpentine from hurting Lloyd. Instead, Garmadon explained that they would focus on destroying Sensei Wu and the other four Ninja - without his teachers, Lloyd would never reach his full potential, and Garmadon's plans could continue. Eventually, the Black Bounty arrived at the Golden Peaks, where Lord Garmadon united the Golden Weapons into the Mega Weapon.

Lord Garmadon attempted to use his new weapon against the Ultra Dragon, but to no avail. Hastily blaming the Serpentine's poor navigation skills for ruining his shot, he retreated to the Black Bounty's cabin to angrily ponder why the weapon refused to obey him. In the process, he stumbled upon the journal of Captain Soto, the original owner of the ship, and wished for a better crew to man the Black Bounty. This time, the Mega Weapon responded, recreating Captain Soto and his crew of pirates, but Garmadon was severely drained of energy in the process. He then realized that the Mega Weapon could only create, not destroy, shortly before being locked in the brig (along with the rest of his Serpentine crew) by the pirates. After Captain Soto's crew was apprehended, Lord Garmadon reclaimed control of the Black Bounty and escaped from the Ninja.

Now aware of the Mega Weapon's power and limitations, Lord Garmadon called his Serpentine together for a brainstorming session on how to beat the Ninja. Despite claiming that there were no bad ideas, he had several Serpentine thrown overboard for their poor suggestions (such as creating another group of pirates, recreating the Great Devourer, or making a really big ham sandwich) before hitting upon the idea of making evil mirrors of the Ninja themselves. Using spare clothes the Ninja left aboard the ship, Garmadon used the Mega Weapon to create the Bizarro Ninja and sent them to eliminate their counterparts. When the Bizarro Ninja were destroyed, Garmadon contacted the Ninja's Ultra Sonic Raider to vow that he would get his revenge, only for Lloyd to cut the transmission with his newly-honed powers over lightning.

For his next plan, Lord Garmadon created a false company, "Darnagom Enterprises," and attempted to destroy Dareth's dojo, where the Ninja were training Lloyd. To get the money they needed to save the dojo, the ninja entered the annual Ninjaball Run - when Garmadon found out, he joined the race himself with the Black Bounty. When the ship's cannon fire missed the Ultra Sonic Raider (thanks to the Ultra Dragon bumping into the Black Bounty, and the Serpentine warriors failed to prevent the Ninja from refueling on the fly, Garmadon used the Mega Weapon to create a vast chasm that the Ninja would never be able to cross.

Unfortunately for him, Nya had recently installed a flight mode in the Raider, allowing the Ninja to catch up to the Black Bounty and narrowly win the race. Enraged and disbelieving, Lord Garmadon left his ship to protest the results - thereby giving Lloyd the chance to reclaim the Black Bounty with his Ultra Dragon. Still weakened from the use of the Mega Weapon, Lord Garmadon was only saved from arrest when Skales pulled up in the Serpentine Bus, forcing him to allow the Serpentine Generals back into his army in return for the escape.

Lord Garmadon led the Serpentine into the Ninjago Museum of History, where he used the Mega Weapon to revive a prehistoric monster called the Grundle. The Ninja interfered with the process, forcing the villains to retreat, but the Grundle was still revived - unbeknownst to Garmadon, the Ninja themselves had also been reduced to children as a side effect. Due to departing, Garmadon did not witness the Ninja's confrontation with the Grundle, or Lloyd's defeat of it using a magic tea that turned time forward again. As a result, the Grundle was fossilized yet again, the four ninja were returned to their proper ages, and Lloyd aged out of childhood.

Bent on destroying the Ninja once and for all, Lord Garmadon retreated to Ouroboros, which he apparently repaired at some point to make it livable again. While preparing his forces for a final assault, he was ambushed by the Ninja, including a teenage Lloyd. Shocked at his son's growth and improved powers, Garmadon retreated, wishing that the Ninja had never existed in the first place - this gave him the idea to create a portal to the past and change the future to ensure that Lloyd would never become the Green Ninja.

Disguising himself as a Skulkin, Lord Garmadon snuck aboard the Skull Truck and deliberately prevented the skeletons from abducting Nya, intent on removing Kai's motivation to become a ninja. On the way back to the Underworld, he overheard Nuckal commenting that he thought he saw two Kais, and realized that the Ninja of the present had followed him to the past. Lord Garmadon was in the Skulkin camp in the Forest of Tranquility when the Ninja secretly delivered Nya to the skeletons; to counter the Ninja's interference, Garmadon sought the aid of his own past self, quickly explaining the situation and formulating a new plan.

When Past Kai saved Nya in the Fire Temple, he found himself attacked - not by his own shadow, but by the present version of Lord Garmadon. The present Ninja were forced to intervene, but Garmadon held them off until Jay suggested using the Golden Weapons of the past against the Mega Weapon. The combined energies sent the Mega Weapon into space and undid all of the changes to the past - with the present apparently changed so that Garmadon never created it in the first place.

The Stone Army

With his Mega Weapon destroyed, Lord Garmadon pursued other means of gaining power; namely, seeking out the Island of Darkness mentioned in Captain Soto's journal. Taking the Serpentine Generals along, Garmadon rode a Rattlecopter over the Endless Ocean, looking for any sign of the island. At that point, Skales tricked Garmadon by claiming to see the island - when Garmadon went to look, the Hypnobrai General pushed him out of the Rattlecopter and declared himself leader of the Serpentine.

Ironically, Skales's betrayal led Garmadon to the object of his quest; when he came to, he found himself on the shores of the Island of Darkness. The Overlord appeared before him and led him to a large boulder with four handles, telling Lord Garmadon that this was the first step towards his true destiny. When Garmadon turned the dials, the full Island of Darkness arose from the sea, and the Overlord revealed his plans to upset the balance of the world so that Garmadon could remake Ninjago in his own image.

To Lord Garmadon's dismay, the next step towards his destiny involved scaling a series of rugged cliffs and mountains. He demanded to know why he had to prove his evil worth to the Overlord, but the enigmatic entity merely urged him onward, promising that a great power awaited at the end of the trial. Gritting his teeth, Garmadon carried on, eventually arriving in front of a strange clock with a dark helmet on a pedestal. At the Overlord's command, Garmadon took the helmet, causing the clock's hands to begin moving - the Overlord revealed that the former would give Garmadon control over the Stone Army, while the latter was counting down to the final battle between light and darkness. Pleased with this new development, Garmadon triumphantly announced his return to the darkened skies above.

With the Stone Army at his command, Lord Garmadon began traveling the Island of Darkness, observing the army's operations. He was confused to see most of the soldiers working in mines, but the Overlord explained that they were searching for a dark material made of concentrated evil, which they could use to build an ultimate weapon against the Ninja. Garmadon laughed maniacally at this, declaring that he liked the sound of that.

Lord Garmadon proceeded to set up a base camp where the ultimate weapon could be constructed, monitoring the Stone Army's progress on both building the weapon and mining Dark Matter. The Overlord appeared again there, warning him that the Ninja had made it to the Island of Darkness in search of The Temple of Light. Garmadon deployed his forces to capture the Ninja, only to eventually learn that the heroes had succeeded in their quest, enhancing their powers far beyond their previous limits - worse yet, Lloyd had gained the power of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, making him even stronger.

Atop the cliff where the Celestial Clock rested, Garmadon commented that the Overlord's army wasn't as indestructible as they had thought. The Overlord was unperturbed, claiming that their strength was also growing - the ultimate weapon would be completed just as the countdown reached zero, and then nothing would stop darkness from overwhelming the light at last.

As the Celestial Clock continued to count down, Lord Garmadon began increasing the defenses around his camp, worrying that the Ninja might try to attack him directly before the ultimate weapon could be completed. The Overlord commented that his resolve seemed to be wavering, despite Garmadon's denials. The Overlord's prodding over his reluctance to kill Lloyd eventually caused Garmadon to snap at nearby soldiers, telling them to double their effort on the ultimate weapon's development.

When General Kozu came in to report capturing a prisoner, Garmadon was surprised to see his wife, Misako. They former couple argued about Garmadon's path to evil, and the villain admitted that he had wanted Misako to see things his way so she could rule by his side. As he lamented that Misako was one of a very small number of people who could truly understand him, Garmadon realized that he had been tricked - Misako had stolen the Helmet of Shadows in a last desperate attempt to halt the Celestial Clock.

Enraged at the deception, Garmadon pursued Misako and the Ninja in a massive, four-armed robot that proved immune to anything his foes threw at him. When the Overlord reminded him that the Ninja could turn the Stone Army against him if they wore the Helmet of Shadows, Garmadon resolved to chase them down personally, conducting a furious chase through the jungle. Just when he finally had the Power Drill in his grasp, Lloyd arrived and disabled the robot with a powerful blast.

Lord Garmadon emerged from the wreckage, weakened and vulnerable, but his son hesitated to kill him, allowing the Stone Army to catch up with the Ninja. Garmadon left the rest of the chase to his minions as he regained his strength, but eventually noticed a strange beam of energy soaring over the trees. The Overlord told him that the countdown had ended and the final battle was about to begin, leading Garmadon back to the base camp and revealing that the ultimate weapon was finally complete. Presented with the weapon - dubbed "Garmatron" by the Overlord - Lord Garmadon gleefully declared that it was more beautiful than he could have imagined and joined the Overlord in laughing triumphantly.

Shortly after the completion of the Garmatron, the Stone Army arrived before Garmadon, presenting his recovered helmet as well as a prisoner - Nya. Garmadon tested the Dark Matter on Nya, transforming her into a loyal servant. Ordering Nya to ambush the heroes if they followed him, Lord Garmadon boarded the Garmatron and set out for the coast, accompanied by the Overlord and the Stone Army.

After arriving on the coast, Garmadon ordered the Stone Army to begin loading Dark Matter into the Garmatron's main cannon, but his actual attack was delayed when Lloyd, Misako, and Sensei Wu arrived. Garmadon furiously denied their pleas to stop his actions, declaring that he was too far gone for any hope of redemption - the only way he could reunite with his family was to make them (along with the rest of the world) as evil as he was. With that, Garmadon activated the Garmatron's main cannon, only to discover that the weapon required a twenty-second warm-up period. Lloyd attempted to stop the countdown, and briefly grappled with his father before Kozu pinned him down, allowing the Garmatron to fire on the village of Ignacia. Trying to prevent Garmadon from firing again, Lloyd summoned his powers in an attempt to escape Kozu's grip. In response, Garmadon used a hidden trapdoor to drop Kozu and Lloyd out of the Garmatron.

With Lloyd out of the way, Lord Garmadon fired his next Dark Matter missile at Jamanakai Village, upsetting the balance of light and darkness enough for the Overlord to begin manifesting in Ninjago. It was then that Garmadon discovered the truth: the Overlord had no intention of letting him rule Ninjago. Outraged at being a pawn in the Overlord's game, Garmadon furiously insisted that Ninjago was his to conquer, but the ultimate evil simply laughed as he possessed the four-armed villain's body to begin his metamorphosis.

During Lloyd's battle against the Overlord, the former asserted that Lord Garmadon was still alive and unwilling to harm him. At this, Lord Garmadon briefly retook control of his body from the Overlord, leaving himself open for Lloyd's assault. Unfortunately, the Overlord soon regained control, completely subduing Lord Garmadon's mind and taking full control of his body.

Garmadon was thought to have been destroyed after Lloyd defeated the Overlord, as his body had been completely transformed into that of the Overlord's true form. However, Garmadon awoke amid the rubble, completely purified of evil - not only was he himself again, but the dark magic that had given him four arms and the Devourer's venom that had turned him evil in the first place had all disappeared. Amazed and overjoyed at his new appearance, Garmadon happily reunited with his family, telling Sensei Wu that it felt good to be free of evil at last. He then walked off with Misako and Lloyd, eager to catch up on the bonding time he had missed due to his curse.

After the Final Battle

Hoping to make up for all of his evil actions, Garmadon made a vow never to fight again. He and Misako moved far away from New Ninjago City where they opened up a monastery to teach the next generation of Ninja.

Fleeing the Digital Overlord, the five Ninja and Nya traveled to Garmadon's Monaster to seek refuge. That night, they partook in Garmadon's lesson on The Art of the Silent Fist, a martial arts style that involves misdirection and avoiding the attacks of enemies. He handily defeated Lloyd in a sparring session, invoking his son's anger, but cautioned his son against giving in to such feelings, having been overcome by rage himself in the past. Upon learning that the Nindroids are seeking Lloyd and his golden powers, Garmadon volunteered to travel with Lloyd and get as far away from the Digital Overlord's grasp as possible.

Traveling to Nya's old Samurai X Cave, Lloyd and Garmadon took her all-terrain vehicle to help expedite their journey. As night fell, the pair stopped by a nearby river to drink. However, they were subsequently tracked down and attacked by the Nindroid MechDragon. As they fled Garmadon accidentally fired the vehicle's cannons while attempting to find an afterburner to increase their speed, much to his dismay. The other four Just as the dragon was about to capture them however, the Ninja succeed in shutting down the power to all of Ninjago, and the Dragon collapsed in front of them. Though Lloyd believed they should return, Garmadon remained firm in continuing to put distance between themselves and New Ninjago City until the Overlord has been permanently deleted.

As they passed through a rocky gorge, Garmadon paused to teach Lloyd about balance by placing rocks on him. When he plunges a boulder on him, all the rocks topple on Lloyd, and he does Spinjitzu to shower them off. Lloyd and Garmadon go up a steep part of the mountain, with Lloyd not allowed to use the Golden Dragon.

Garmadon and Lloyd eventual came to a broken bridge and Garmadon ordered his son to move the mountain in front of him to create a path across. The Golden Ninja failed and frustrated, uses the Golden Dragon to create a Golden Path for them.

The Falcon delivered a message about the mysterious Stranger and Techno Wu, and Garmadon revealed to Lloyd Hiroshi's Labyrinth, the perfect place for hiding. However, the Overlord was eavsdropping on the Falcon's radar, and he and Pythor make plans to attack Lloyd and drain his Golden Powers.

Garmadon and Lloyd made inside Hiroshi's Labyrinth, and Lloyd comments that whoever made it through the jungle was better than him. Garmadon also comments that there is an oasis at the middle of the jungle, that no one has seen before.

When they make it to the oasis however, they only have a moment to rest as Techno Wu and a squad of Nindroids ambush the duo. Garmadon faces his brother again as Lloyd escapes, yet Wu is victorious and Garmadon is take aboard the MechDragon. When Pythor steals Lloyd's power, the Overlord comments that Garmadon is no use to them, and he throws him overboard. As the MechDragon flies off, Garmadon surfaces and vows that he will find Lloyd again.

Garmadon followed the MechDraon back to New Ninjago City wherein he disguised himself as a Nindroid to sneak into Borg Tower. He arrived in Borg's Office just as Techno Wu was about to suspend the program, thereby trapping the Ninja in the Digiverse. Garmadon flung his assimilated brother out the window before revealing himself and attacked Pythor, claiming that as they took his son, he had done away with his oath never to fight again.

After the Serpentine managed to escape in a Hover-Copter, Garmadon slid down the side of the building where he faced Techno Wu again. The battle quickly turned against Garmadon's favor and he was forced to retreat to the very edge of the cell tower. However just as Techno Wu prepared to finish him off, the Ninja successfully rebooted the system, thereby returning Wu to his regular self.

The brothers returned to Borg's Office where the Ninja, P.I.X.A.L. and Nya celebrated their success.

Garmadon accompanied Wu and the other Ninja back to the Temple of Light wherein Lloyd returned his elemental powers to the four Ninja. Garmadon voiced his disprovable of the plan to Wu, who in return reminds him that it was Lloyd's choice, not his and encourages the Ninja to take risks. Garmadon remained optimistic, knowing that as the protectors of Ninjago, they were without the luxury of rest.

Once back in New Ninjago City, Garmadon arrives at Borg Tower where P.I.X.A.L. and Wu are busy trying to figure out the Nindroid's mysterious project "Arcturus." Garmadon comments that he and Wu once defeated an ancient sepentine General by the same name. They later discover that the Overlord intends to retrieve the Golden Weapons from space, where they were sent following the Mega-Weapon's destruction-an event that only Garmadon and the four ninja who traveled back in time can remember due to their involvement in it. He, Wu, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L. follow the Ninja to Ouroboros just in time to witness the Arcturus rocket launch with all five Ninja aboard. Garmadon is outraged that Wu would allow such a thing, but nevertheless watched as the rocket departed for the heavens.

Garmadon returned with Wu, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L. to Borg Tower where the android located the blueprints to the rocket. Nya managed to contact the ninja and informed them of the location of space suits. While they talked, Garmadon questioned to Wu how they would ever get them home. However around the time when the rocket approached the comet, Pythor and a host of Nindroids arrived at Borg Tower with the Overlord and an assimilated Cyrus Borg. The heroes grabbed their gear and fled to the ledge just outside Borg's office where they overheard the Overlord talking to Pythor. Garmadon urged that they attack the Overlord as he was currently vulnerable, but Wu reminded him that their priority was to guide the Ninja. P.I.X.A.L. summoned a hover-copter and they journeyed to Garmadon's monastery, only to hear that the metal eating insects found on the comet had destroyed the space craft, meaning the Ninja would be stranded.

Eventually, the Ninja managed to use their elemental powers to create a new spaceship home while the Nindroids returned with the Golden Weapons and melted them down to create a Golden Mech. Garmadon, Wu, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L. sent the Ninja their vehicles as they arrived back in Ninjago and together they all charged into New Ninjago City where the Overlord was wrecking havoc.

Making their way to the Temple of Fortitude, they met up with a cured Cyrus Borg who revealed his shrinking pill and proposed they use it on the Overlord. Remembering their times playing ball as kids, Garmadon assured the Ninja that he and Wu would be able to do it and they set off towards the Golden Master. Garmadon and Wu shot the pill towards the Overlord, but Pythor managed to swallow it and in order to defeat the Overlord, Zane sacrificed himself. Garmadon later attended Zane's funeral.

The Tournament of Elements

Garmadon returned to his monastery and was there when Wu and Nya began work on plans to restore the Destiny's Bounty. When Nya inquired if he would care to help, Garmadon agreed and went to Lloyd's room to ask if he wanted to help as well, only to find his son packing. Though Lloyd claimed the Ninja were going on a fishing trip, the lack of Lloyd bringing his fishing pole and a discarded box from Chen's noodle shop made Garmadon realize what was going on.

He rushed to the docks of New Ninjago City just as the Ninja were boarding the boat headed to Chen's tournament of elements. There, he was reunited with Clouse and when Lloyd refused to stop, Garmadon boarded the boat to accompany them. On their way to the island, Garmadon revealed to the Ninja that there were in fact more people with elemental powers. When Kai started a fight with Karloff, Garmadon ordered the other ninja not to get involved.

As they arrived on Chen's island, Garmadon told the ninja of his previous involvement with Chen and accompanied the fighters inside where he was reunited with his deceitful former master. After everyone was taken to their rooms, Garmadon was thrown out by Clouse as he wasn't invited, but the sensei managed to sneak in as the hunt for the Jadeblades was going on. As he entered into the main hall, he noticed Clouse using his dark magic to prevent Lloyd from grabbing one of the blades and rushed over to stop him. Later, Garmadon joined the Ninja at lunch and urged them not to think about what happens to them when they lose.

The next morning, Garmadon accompanied the Ninja to the chow house for breakfast, though was denied creamy biscuits by Krait due to abandoning Chen. When Cole and Jay began arguing, Garmadon encouraged them to work it out there so that they would be at peace during their tournaments. Garmadon then observed the four fights, providing insights to Lloyd.

Garmadon observed Skylor and Jacob's battle, noting that the Master of Sound had increased in power since their last encounter. That night, during the Thunderblade tournament, Garmadon watched the event next to Chen and Clouse, questioning the truth of Chen's high score. When Chen ordered Clouse to use his dark magic on Lloyd to prevent him from winning, Garmadon tackled his rival and Lloyd won.

Following Shade's defeat over Toxikita, Chen hosted a banquet to mark the halfway point in the tournament, which Garmadon attended. When Lloyd brought up their secret alliance, Garmadon noted that it was vital that every one of the remaining fighters was on board with their plan. Later, all the elemental masters met in the fire suite to discuss who was the spy and Garmadon guarded the door.

The next day, Garmadon and the other elemental fighters took Chen's zeppelin high above the island to be dropped to the center to participate in a manhunt for Nya. Once landing safely on the ground, Garmadon and Lloyd noticed footprints, but the sensei instead decided to follow the Samurai X symbol, as the footprints were decoys. While they were searching for Nya, Garmadon reluctantly revealed to Lloyd the truth about his past with Chen, and his son encouraged to tell Misako the truth about the letter. Not long after nightfall, the two finally came across Nya who revealed that the spell Chen intended to use would turn everyone with the anacondrai symbol into anacondrai.

Lloyd and Garmadon reunited for the final time after he was temporarily imprisoned in the Cursed Realm by Morro. He was bound with indestructible chains, and was unable to be saved by his son, leading to his destruction after the ninja drowned the master of the Cursed Realm.

The Lego Crossover Videogame

Garmadon is an unlockable character in The Lego Crosdover Videogame.


  • Spinjitzu: Garmadon can perform Spinjitzu to defeat enemies. His Spinjitzu is a purple color.
  • Destruction: Garmadon can blow up pieces with a blast from his hands (lord form only) or his staff. In his lord form, he can disable enemies to pieces.
  • Acrobat: Garmadon can use his staff to jump.
  • Transformation: Garmadon can transform into his lord form.


TV Appearances

TV Appearances

  • Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
  • Pilot Episodes
  • "Way of the Ninja" (Sensei Wu's back story)
  • "The Golden Weapon" (voice)
  • "King of Shadows" (shadow and voice)
  • "Weapons of Destiny"
  • Mini-Movies
  • "An Underworldly Takeover"
  • "Battle Between Brothers"
  • Season 1: Rise of the Snakes
  • "Never Trust a Snake (dream)"
  • "Tick Tock"
  • "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"
  • "The Royal Blacksmiths"
  • "The Green Ninja"
  • "All of Nothing"
  • "Day of the Great Devourer"
  • Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja
  • "Darkness Shall Rise"
  • "Pirates vs. Ninja"
  • "Double Trouble"
  • "Ninjaball Run"
  • "Child's Play"
  • "Wrong Place, Wrong Time"
  • "The Stone Army"
  • "The Day Ninjago Stood Still"
  • "The Last Voyage"
  • "Island of Darkness"
  • "The Last Hope"
  • "Return of the Overlord"
  • "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master"
  • Season 3: Rebooted
  • "The Surge" (picture)
  • "The Art of the Silent Fist"
  • "Blackout
  • "Curse of the Golden Master"
  • "Enter the Digiverse"
  • "Codename Arcturus"
  • "The Void"
  • "The Titanium Ninja"
  • Season 4: The Tournament of Elements
  • "The Invitation"
  • "Only One Can Remain"
  • "Versus"
  • "Ninja Roll"
  • "Spy for a Spy"
  • "Spellbound"
  • "The Forgotten Element"
  • "The Day of the Dragon"
  • "The Greatest Fear of All"
  • "The Corridor of Elders
  • Season 5: Posession
  • "Ghost Story" (mentioned)
  • "Curse World, Part I" (mentioned)
  • "Curse World, Part II"
  • "Day of the Departed" (statue and mentioned)
  • Season 7: The Hands of Time
  • "The Hands of Time" (picture)
  • "The Hatching" (flashback)
  • "A Time of Traitors" (mentioned)
  • "Pause and Effect" (flashback)
  • "Lost in Time"
  • Season 8: Sons of Garmadon
  • "The Mask of Deception (mentioned)"
  • "The Jade Princess (mentioned)"
  • "The Oni and the Dragon (mentioned)"
  • "Snake Jaguar (mentioned)"
  • "Dead Man's Squall (mentioned)"
  • "The Quiet One (mentioned)"
  • "Game of Masks (mentioned)"
  • "Dread on Arrival"
  • "True Potential"
  • "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago"
Season 9: Hunted
  • "Firstbourne"
  • "Iron and Stone"
  • "Radio Free Ninjago
  • "How to Build a Dragon"
  • "The Gilded Path"
  • "Two Lies, One Truth"
  • "The Weakest Link"
  • "Saving Faith"
  • "Lessons for a Master"
  • "Green Destiny"
Season 10: March of the Oni
  • "The Darkness Comes"
  • "Into the Breach"
  • "The Fall"
  • "Endings"


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