The Lego Crossover is a series, created by Chimadino. The first episode aired in December 30, 2018.


Lord Vortech forms the Villain Army, by teaming up with villains across the Lego Multiverse. To stop them from concuering the Multiverse, X-PO froms the Hero Alliance.


Season 1: The Regin of Vortech

Season 2: The Overlord's Revenge

Season 3: Rise of the Monsters

Season 4: Imperial Attack

Season 5: Cold War

Season 6: Illuminati

Season 7: The Endgame


  • The first concept for the series were relised in December 20, 2018.
  • There is a leaked concept for the final episode. It shows Lloyd Garmadon, Laval, Luke Skywalker and Takanuva fighting Lord Vortech.
  • Another leak was relised, showing Makuta Teridax in his shadow form on top of Foundation Prime.
  • There are seven seasons planned for the series so far. It was revaled that the fourth season will be the Imperial Attack series.


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