These are the Lego Crossover Wiki's rules. Be sure to follow them

The Rules

  • Only LEGO characters are allowed. Anything non-LEGO shall be deleted. if you want to keep the article, then it will be labeled non-canon.
  • In fact only LEGO original characters are allowed to this wiki.
  • Characters who do not originate from LEGO but have a series or movie(s) made by LEGO, are allowed (Eg. Characters from LEGO Star Wars or DC). Characters like these might also come from The Lego Movie franchise.
  • Images of the characters must be with full body from their respective show, movie or videogame. If you don't have full body images for a character, then create a page with another character or google the character and try to find a full body image.
  • You can use categories from other wikias. This is a safer act as the same categories exist on multiple wikias.
  • Do not create sockpuppet acconuts.
  • Do not be rude of other users, especialy on chat or threads.
  • Do not create unnesesarry or spam aritcles.
  • Images, gallery or templates are not realy nesesarry on pages like this.

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