The Overlord (Voiced by Scott McNeill) is a leader of the Villain Army and the overeaching antagonist of Ninjago.


The Overlord was summoned by Lord Vortech, along with many other Lego villains. They formed the Villain Army, but were unarware of X-PO forming the Hero Alliance. They become arware of it, however, when X-PO teleported the heroes to Foundation Prime to stop Lord Vortech. The attempt failled and the Overlord and the villains cornered the heroes. Before they could destroy them, X-PO saved the heroes by opening a portal for them back to Vorton, much to the villains' anger. The Overlord was present when other villains arrived to help Lord Vortech and the Villain Army defeat the heroes.

The Lego Crossover Videogame

The Overlord is an unlockable character in the Lego Crossover Videogame. His abilities are:

Transformation: The Overlord can turn into his dragon form.

Golden Power: The Overlord can destroy bricks with blasts of Golden Power.

Darkness: The Overlord can destroy bricks with blasts of Darkness, or freeze enemies.

  • His spirit cannot be destroyed as it's part of the balance.
  • He appears in his Golden Master form in the Lego Crossover.
  • He is one of the most powerful villains, next to Lord Vortech and before the Omega.
  • He is able to be at two places in one time, as he demonstrated in Season 4 of Ninjago, in the episode Codname: Arcturus. While he was absorbing Lloyd's Golden Power to become the Golden Master, he also fought the other Ninja in the Digiverse.
  • One of the things he says, "Where there is light, there will always be shadow", is a possible reference to BIONICLE, as Takanuva and Makuta Teridax were light and shadow respectively and Lloyd and the Overlord are light and shadow respectively.
  • In the show the ninja twice mistook his titles for characters they already know: Dark Lord (though it referred to Garmadon), Golden Master (the Ninjas mistook Lloyd for being the golden master).
  • The Overlord's intro as the Golden Master in Ninjago episode 34 is similar to Emperor Palpatine's intro in the sixth Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi.
  • His first appearence in Ninjago in Misako's story, the Overlord bears a resemblence to Baron Typhonus' (Otherwise known as "The Darkitect") face, who, like the Overlord, is the main villain and creator of the Maelstrom in LEGO's MMOG LEGO Universe.
  • The Overlord's helmet in his Golden Master form, somewhat bears a resemblence to Darth Vader's helmet.


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