Hello there! It's me! The legendary Chimadino!

Why I made this?

Well, I am a Lego fan, and I like collecting Lego sets and waching Lego TV shows. And I tought it would be cool to see Lego characters in one show. So I made this fanfiction!

What I am doing

Basicaly, nothing.

What I am watching

Ninjago and other Lego shows (As listed above)

Star Wars

I am gonna watch the Lego Movie 2 sometime this year.

What I am reading

Books, comics, magazines ect.

What I am playing

Nothing at the moment.

My favorite LEGO themes

STAR WARS.PNG This user is a Star Wars fan!

Logo--ninjago.jpg This user is a Ninjago fan!

Chima.png This user is a Legends of Chima fan!

My favorite LEGO characters

Clancee.jpg This user swabs the deck with Clancee

Batman (Lego DC Heroes).jpg This user is Batman!

Wu.jpg This user trained under Sensei Wu

Darth Vader.jpg This user serves under Darth Vader

Nadakhan.JPG This user's wish is yours to keep!

Lord Vortech.png This user helps Lord Vortech in his quest to find the Foundation Elements

My collection of Ninjago figures


  • Wu (Black Kimono)


  • Wu (2012 robes)
  • Fang-Suei (no set)

I have no any Hypnobrais, I was supposed to have Skales along with Kozu but they were not given to me, for some reason.


  • Stone Warrior
  • Stone Swordsman
  • Stone Scout

They are not from sets I got them in one pack. I don't understand why I did not got Kozu and Posessed Garmadon


I have nobody exept the Overlord's body and helmet


Tournement of Elements

  • Jungle Cole (fake Lego)
  • Tournement Zane

I also got an Anacondrai Helmet from a little Lego shop but without the rest of the minifigure parts


  • Kai
  • Airjitzu Kai
  • Postman (No set)
  • Samurai Droid (from the book Spot the Samurai Droid)



  • Kai
  • Zane
  • Prison Guard (I rebuilt it into Police Commisoner)
  • Samurai Robot (from polybag)
  • Giant Stone Warrior

Day of the Departed


Hands of Time

  • Kai
  • Zane
  • Acronix (no set and without the cape and at least one Time Blade to be more annoying) 


  • Lloyd
  • Lloyd (Black Wu-Cru suit) 2x
  • Jay (Withe Wu-Cru suit)
  • Garmadon (fake Lego)
  • General #1
  • Bat Nerd


Sons of Garmadon

  • Kai
  • Cole
  • Samurai X (2x) (that's actualy from Hunted but the degsin is the same so nevermind)


  • Lloyd
  • Nya
  • Skylor

March of the Oni

  • Oni Scout

My favorite Lego shows

Coming soon

My favorite Lego heroes

  • Lloyd Garmadon
  • Sensei Wu
  • Zane
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Han Solo

My favorite Lego villains

Most evil Lego villains (My opinion)

Lord Vortech is easily the most evil and powerful villain, in my opinion. Makuta Teridax is more evil than the Overlord because of his actions (I don't think I recall the Overlord killing his own minions to become more powerful) and he realy scared me, when I first watched the Bionicle movies. The Darkitect and the Omega are above Palpatine, because they use darkness itself to complete their goals. Chen is good at manipulating people, trough not even near Palpatine's level. Sir Fangar is the perfect type of villain. He shows up as a good guy to his enemies, then freezes them. Garmadon, Vader, Kylo, Morro and Harumi have redeemed themselves, so they are on the bottom of the list.


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